Raw Products

Here at Heeling NRG we are proud to sell locally sourced and made Barker’s Brunch Raw

Before You Begin - Raw Feeding Primer 

We have new packaging! All our products are now available in 1/2lb patties, 12 per case. This has been something requested for years and I am so excited to be able to provide this for my clients! 

The products that we offer are as follows:

Signature Blends:

Performance Puppy* $18.00                                                                        Contains 15% green tripe, 15% ground turkey, 45% ground chicken with bone, 5% ground salmon, 20% Signature beef, farm fresh eggs, and kelp.            ***Heeling NRG favourite*** 

Signature Beef & Chicken* $15.00                                                            Contains 50% Signature Beef, 50% ground chicken necks

Signature Turkey* $18.00

Signature Chicken* $15.00                                                                           Contains ground chicken necks, chicken hearts, chicken livers

Lamb Organ & Chicken* $16.50                                                                 Contains ground chicken necks, lamb tripe, lung, liver, heart, kidney, lamb meat 

Lamb Tripe & Chicken* $16.50                                                                     Contains 50% ground lamb tripe, 50% ground chicken necks

Signature Salmon $19.50

Beef & Fish $18.00                                                                                            Contains 85% Signature Beef, 15% ground salmon with bone

Beef Products

Signature Beef* $16.50                                                                                      Contains beef liver, heart, tongue, lung, tripe, spleen, kidney, and beef trim (equivelant to approx. a medium ground beef)

Beef Tripe* $16.50                                                                                               Contains ground beef tripe

Meaty Neck Bones $5.00 per 3 bones 

Stuffed Tracheas $6.00 per bag 

Pork Products

Pigs Feet $5.25 per bag - contains 2 feet.

Pork Pancreas $16.00 per 2lb bag 

Ground Pork $19.50                                                                                            Ground Pork meat, fat, liver, kidney & lung. Fine ground egg shells

Chicken Products

Chicken Backs $6.00 per 3lb bags

Chicken Necks - Whole $6.50 per 3lb bag 

Lamb Products

Lamb Tripe - Ground $18.00

Signature Fruits

Signature Fruits $3.49/lb. Available in 1 lb bags of frozen cubes         Contains apples, pears, carrots, spinach, kale, cranberries, and blueberries


Beef Trachea - Dehydrated $2.00

Beef Tendon - Dehydrated $2.50 and up 

Chicken Feet - Dehydrated $1.50

Pig Snout - Dehydrated $3.00

Pig Ears - Dehydrated

Handmade cookies - Baked 

Products marked * are considered balanced (80/10/10) for a Prey Model diet. 

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