Welcome to Heeling NRG! 


I’m excited to share my love and enthusiasm of this beautiful breed with you!

Heeling NRG is located in Eastern Ontario. I’ve owned Aussies since 2006, and have trained and titled in Conformation, Herding, Rally-O, Agility, Scent Detection, and several other sports. Aussies are a do-it-all breed. My Aussies aren’t kennel dogs; they live with me in the house and are part of my family. I'm dedicated to maintaining the versatility and intelligence of the Australian Shepherd, with a goal of producing Canadian Kennel Club registered dogs with outstanding temperaments.

My website is a work in progress and is always changing; I’m constantly adding new information, pictures, and links. As of December 2023 there are some major overhauls going on and it’s taking more time than expected.  Please be patient, as I am not the most tech savy… 


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