This page will feature each of our litters, and occasionally litters sired by our boys. Every one of our puppies holds a special place in our hearts, and we appreciate every picture and note we recieve from their new owners. From time to time we will update a litter's page with these updates, so keep watching. 


Chaos x Bowser - April 8th 2018


Keith x Caoimhe - November 7th 2019


Khyler x Caoimhe - June 30th 2020


Kevlar x Astoria  - April 21st 2021 

Kronos x Caoimhe -  September 23rd 2021 

Kevlar x Astoria - November 21st 2021 

After three litters in 2021 I need a break! At this time there are no plans for litters in 2022. Watch for updates.

School is taking priority until graduation. Our next litter is planned for the latter half of 2024, and our waitlist is already well started. We expect sweet biddable temperaments suitable for fun sport and active pet homes. 

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