Raw Feeding Primer

        I remember back more than a decade ago when I decided I wanted to go back to my roots and feed raw. I had no idea where to begin. None. I remember my grandmother talking about feeding raw, but the actual specifics were beyond me, and I obviously couldn’t ask someone who was no longer with us. I was mystified; as much as feeding raw (and grain-free, organic, etc) is a “fad” these days, it’s also made it much easier to find information – both accurate and not – about all of these things. Back then there was just about nothing!

        Do I truly believe raw feeding is a fad? No. Good nutrition and an honest interest in wellness is never a fad; it’s your dog’s journey to wellness, and I hope it motivates you on your own journey to wellness.

        But where to begin? What is required? How do you start with the products we offer? Let’s unpack this a minute.

What you need:

  • Freezer space
  • Stainless steel or glass feeding bowls
  • One or two tablespoons, or other large stainless steel spoons
  • A kitchen scale
  • Large plastic or glass bowl with lid, dedicated to raw foods
  • Fridge space for dedicated bowl
  • Disinfecting dish soap, and dedicated sponge
  • Disinfecting wipes

        It’s nice if you can dedicate a small section of counter to your dog(s) meals, but it’s not necessary. 

        Feeding a prepared raw such as Barker’s Brunch is no more a risk to your health than preparing meats for your own consumption. The same safety concerns apply:

  • Wipe down surfaces before and after meal prep
  • Wash your hands before and after meal prep
  • Use clean utensils and bowls
  • Wash the bowls and utensils immediately after

        That’s it. Nothing crazy, no rocket-science. A balanced blend from BB is as simple as scoop, measure, serve. The most complicated part is the kitchen scale.

        To figure out how much to feed, you need to know your dog(s) ideal adult weight. I’ll use Faith as an example. She’s a fit trim 34lbs out of coat. She eats approximately 300-350 grams per day. The “rule” is 2-3% of ideal adult body weight, but it’s not a hard-and-fast rule; feed the dog in front of you. If 3% is not maintaining ideal body condition, feed more. If 2% is making your dog look like the Michelin Man, feed less and increase your dog’s activity.

© Shari Joanisse 2023