From time to time we will have young adults or dogs retiring from our program available. Older puppies or Young Adults well started on training will be priced accordingly, and older adults retiring will have a placement fee. By no means are these dogs that have been tossed aside; good breeders are always aware of their numbers. We can’t keep them all and still give them the quality one-on-one they need and deserve so we look for the perfect forever home. We know these homes take time to find, so we are patient. If as you peruse the website you think you see a dog you might be interested in, feel free to give us a shout; you just never know. 


I’m not in a rush, but I am looking for the right home for this very talented boy. Breed experience a must, proven sport home preferred but not essential. 

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I’m considering placing River in a guardian home to grow up in a smaller pack environment. She’s a small and compact beautiful girl with a lovely temperament for work and play. She will thrive in a home with less dogs.



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