It is expected that in mid-late 2022 there will be two adult males coming available, and possibly an adult female, as well as an older female puppy. These are dogs that were retained for our program, but that we have made the difficult decision to place. They will only be placed as active companions after their spay/neuter has been completed and they have had time to heal. If you are interested in a Heeling NRG Aussie, please fill out an application.


From time to time we will have young adults or dogs retiring from our program available. Older puppies or Young Adults well started on training will be priced accordingly - they are neither free nor cheap! - and older adults retiring will have a placement fee - typically equivelent to their sexual alteration. By no means are these dogs that have been tossed aside; good breeders are always aware of their numbers. We can’t keep them all and still give them the quality one-on-one they need and deserve so we look for the perfect forever home. We know these homes take time to find, so we are patient. If as you peruse the website you think you see a dog you might be interested in, feel free to give us a shout; you just never know. 


Would you consider fostering? 

At minimal purchase cost to the new home, fostering allows us to place females and occasionally males from our program with families where they can be loved as a cherished family members of a home. This allows us as preservation breeders to keep it so that all of our dogs are always valued family members first and foremost, getting the one-on-one attention they desire and deserve. 

What this means to a potential foster home is that we would have puppies from a female foster no more than once a year, and use males at stud occasionally. Typically a foster-home would be without their dog for a short period of time, but can be as involved with the process as much as they would like.

We pay all expenses related to breeding. Our foster family is responsible for day-to-day expenses including annual veterinary care, dog food etc, and for keeping the dog in suitable condition for show and breeding. Once the dog retires from our breeding program we will have the dog sexually altered at our expense, and we sign over full ownership to the foster family and the dog lives out his/her life with its family. 

If you are interested in being a part of our family and fostering one of our happy, well-adjusted dogs, please contact us. 

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