What a day! The first ever Relay-Day at Guide Canine

Important lesson to learn here; when your cousin calls you up and says “hey, do you want to go to this relay thing in a few weeks?” Make sure you have all the details! 

Our team! Joanne with Happy Feet, Linda (my cousin) with Ace, and Faith and I. We were sponsored by the company Joanne works for, so we were Team Telemode. 

The Relay-Day consisted of Barn Hunt, Rally, Cani-cross, Agility, Scent detection, and Disc. We had a blast! Here are a few pictures to show how we did. 

IMG 3123

I’m very thankful Linda (my cousin) didn’t choose the moment a few seconds later where I face-planted after catching my shoe on a tree root. Nothing harmed but my pride… It has motivated me to get back into canicross, which I haven’t done since I lost Cuyler. 

This girl is a crazy fool for disc. She had a blast, but her favourite part was all the leaves on the ground that she could make fly. 

I’ve never done scent detection before, but it was something I always wanted to try. After this experience, we will definitely be doing Scent this fall. I went in the arena with a plan to follow the pattern through until she alterted to a box. I wasn’t sure what that alert would look like, but I was sure I would know. I couldn’t have been more wrong… Faith walked in with me, and after we had our instructions we moved to the first box. She sniffed it, then dragged me to the back row of boxes, smelled the second one in quickly, then moved to the third box from the left (which we are in front of in the photo). Again, I had my plan, so when she sniffed the box and looked up at me I kept moving to the next box and the next box after that; there were twelve of them to get through in three minutes! A few boxes later she wasn’t even giving them a good sniff; she was bored and done and I was thinking that she hated it. I made some comment to that effect, and the person marking said that no, she had already found it and showed me. Very clearly, actually. So I thougth about it for a second. 

She had taken me to the correct box. It was the third one from the left. She looked up at me, perked her ears, and I completely missed it. Bad Mom. We ended up with a time of 1:13, but it would have been under 20 seconds if I had gotten out of my own head and listened to my dog. 

Sorry it’s blurry, but this was us in Rally. As usual, Faith enjoyed it. And she was a rockstar. 

Agility is not our sport. But we had fun, and that’s what the whole day was about. 

There’s not much more that a girl can ask for than a day with family and friends, doing the sports she loves. We were all tired when we got home, and I had a few hours of studying to do before I could call it a night, but it was well worth it. 

Comprehensive exams are in just two days, and I’m barely surfacing from the books to do anything other than see to the basic functions of life, but it was so worth it to take a day off. But, here’s to hitting the books again! 

IMG 3141

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