We made it! 

I wrote my last exam of the semester this morning. That may not seem like a big accomplishment considering there’s still a full year of coursework left, but for me, it’s huge. I had fairly major surgery the first week of May, then started classes the following Monday. The summer semester is compressed from 17 weeks into 10, and two of the 17 week courses are compressed into 5 weeks each so they can fit an extra course into our timetable. 

It’s been ridiculously hot outside this summer. My dogs are indoor dogs, but they like to play outside and that just hasn’t been possible this summer with the heat warnings and the storms.  So we’ve done some trick training, indoor games, lots and lots and LOTS of kongs and puzzle toys. And once in a while I can get them out for a swim. We’ve lived in the air conditioning. 

When we do get outside I always bring blocks of ice. I’ve taken kongs and frozen them upsidown in homemade stock, so the dogs have something to play with and chew on. 

I’m looking forward to autumn. Or at least cooler weather that we can get out in. But for now I’m going to fill the baby pool and see if they want to play outside for a few minutes. 

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