Spooktacular Scents - October 20th, 2018

The date is a day late, but that’s because I didn’t get home until late last night. Too late to start writing a note. 

Caoimhe and I competed in our first scent trial yesterday, and we came home with some nice bling :) 

I’ve said before that the bling doesn’t matter, and it doesn’t. Our dogs don’t ask to go to trials, and they don’t care about ribbons. They care about the time spent with their owners, doing something they love together. They care about your joy. This is why it is so important to that you always give your dog a win. More on that thought another time. 

The car was packed on Friday, and Saturday morning we were up and gone way before dawn. We arrived at the site for 7:30. We got a good parking spot where we could easily crate out of the car, and I had time to check out the grounds before General Briefing. Our first class was scheduled to start for 10. 

We began with Buildings and ended with Speed. It was a “Spooktacular Trial” and was decorated accordingly. Caoimhe found the decorations to be interesting, and a bit nervy at times, but she worked through it. We came away with four Qs, and two third-placings. 

Today she’s doing a lot of flopping and dropping as I make a turkey dinner at my parents’ house. She follows me everywhere, but instead of standing or sitting she’s lying down and fast asleep wherever she drops. She’s precious, and I adore her. And this was an amazing start to our competitive career. 

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