Sorry for the radio silence...

        What little time I’ve had to spare has been spent with my dogs and my family. I haven’t had a lot of time to spend working on the website, but I have made time to train. Faith is getting ready for the rally ring, and we’ve been playing more at barnhunt practice. We may get out before the end of winter, but it will probably be spring or summer. 

         Most days, this is what it looks like. Exciting, I know… 

IMG 2086

         I’m in my last semester of this program, and have applied for consolidation. I’ve also been considering my options for a BScN. It will mean more time living this crazy life, but there are some good options out there. Time will tell. 

         In the meantime, stay safe my friends. The world is a crazy place right now no matter what side of the fence you fall on, and we all need to consider our safety. Start preps, pack your bug-out-bags, and pray you never need them. 

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