Our first UKC show! 

We decided to try our hand at UKC over the July 13-14 weekend! UKC is so different from CKC; the point system is vastly different, and people are less… stuffy. Lots of comfortable functional clothing around to see, and sensible running shoes for running on hard uneven ground. 

Cian worked hard, putting in his best puppy effort, and came away with the three competition wins, and more than half the points he needs for his Championship. We also got some very nice complements from a Judge. 

I’m proud of my little man, but more than proud of him for how he showed, I’m proud of how he handled the weekend. It was hot, and because I didn’t know how the day would run I had poor Cian on a lead at ringside the whole morning from 9-1 before we found out they were breaking for lunch. We didn’t actually get to go in the ring till close to 3 both days. The second day we knew better and he stayed at the setup until we were about 20 minutes out from ringtime. He travelled well, hung out with me at ringside like a champ, and was just a joy to have hanging around all weekend. 

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