I was not made for this weather...

I give you: 

I don’t do these temperatures very well, and consequently neither do my dogs. Being that I have three thirteen-week old puppies in the house… something has to give! I made plans to be home today, and it’s a constant cycle of who goes in and out in what groups. Inside the puppies have bones and toys in their crates, and they’re also loose in the kitchen when I’m in there. I’m back in school, and busy writing papers and studying for tests this weekend but the dogs don’t care about that. Once an hour I take five minutes and take someone aside for a quick training session. I’m ready for a break, and they’re ready to engage their brains. 

Tomorrow is Cian’s scent class, and I’ll probably bring one of the puppies with me for the experience. Life is busy, but it’s never been more exciting! 

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