I haven’t mentioned lately...

I haven’t talked about my job lately, but today is the day. Towards the end of last year I felt like I was in a rut. Work was the same thing day after day. The residents changed - as is the nature of Long Term Care - but when it came right down to it I wasn’t feeling the joy the same as when I started a year before. Then one of my co-workers asked me if I had heard of Nurse Next Door.

Nurse Next Door is a home care company, but that’s where the similarities end with regards to every other home care out there. Minimum 3-hour blocks and dedicated lead caregivers are just a few of the ways they are different; they believe that those that have been blessed with longevity of life deserve to age how and where they wish; they believe in Happier Aging. 

If we remember back to any Psych course we’ve taken, we can remember the importance of self-industry throughout the lifetime. We also know that companionship and communication are vital to our mental health. When clients are aproved for a 45-minute visit and that’s the only person that client has to talk to in a day… that just doesn’t jive with me. I value communication. I value companionship and quality time. I value self-industry. So why was I staying in a job that, though I didn’t hate, I didn’t really love? I was afraid. It took a lot of self-reflection, but finally I decided that what did I have to lose!? So I took the leap! 

I love my job! I have a staff management position that also entails care planning. My official title is Care Designer. A lot of weeks I work double the hours I did at my last job, and I love that. There really is no better thing in life than waking up excited about what you get to do that day. To top it off, I get to work some of my hours from home. I didn’t realize how much I missed having a home office until I got to work in it again. The dogs are happy, I’m happy, and I’m much more productive. 

But, what does all of this have to do with a cute picture of Chaos and I? This morning I left the house early to head to my client’s home. I was just turning onto their road - they live in a rural area - when I saw two young foxes playing in the yard. I pulled over for a few minutes to watch them, and it reminded me to treasure the little moments. 

April 26th 2019 

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