I have been told...

This post is about three products and a half dozen or so tips to manage the summer heat. 

The first, is sunscreen… Just wear sunscreen. Find one that works for you and put it on. Skin cancer is no joke. 

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Ventlocks are the new product that I adore lately. They allow me to walk away from my car with the back hatch open and I don’t have to worry about the dogs. The 24” allows for plenty of airflow through the hatch and windows, and I also give the dogs a shade screen and a fan for their crates. I can also put on their Cool Coats. They stay quite comfortable without having to run the AC. 

Stay hydrated. Yesterday it was stupid hot; 30 degrees before the humidex and that was afer a week of it being 10-14 degrees feeling like 7. It was awful out yesterday, but Cian and I came out relatively unscathed - sunscreen not holding up notwithstanding - because we kept up the water intake. I will often throw some broth cubes in the cooler that I can add to the dogs’ water pail in their crate on really hot days. I want them to keep drinking. 

The dogs love their pool. I have a little splash pool from Canadian Tire that I fill several times a day for the dogs when they’re outside. They love to walk through it, lie in it, and just generally play and keep cool in it. They also use it as their own personal giant water bowl. 

Sometimes I will freeze bones or chicken or turkey necks within big blocks of ice. I’ve also seen some people use their dogs’ favourite toys. It will give the dogs something to do while keeping them cool. 

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