Clear Eyes - March 28th, 2019

The dogs all had eye exams on Monday, and all came away with clear eyes. 

Eyes are one of the many things that we test before breeding dogs. I’ve talked again and again about the importance of health testing, and I’m going to do it yet again. Health testing matters. Let me tell you why. 

My parents have very good friends of theirs that have a dog. He’s a little black poodle mix, and he has been blind since he was 18 months old. His mother was also blind before she was two. They have hereditary cataracts. 

There is no perfect dog or perfect pedigree, but there are genetic disorders that we can breed away from. Knowledge is power, and the more we know the more we can make informed choices. So we health test; eyes, hips, genetic panels and more. We take that information and work with it, so that we can produce healthier puppies. 

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