Khyler x Caoimhe 

I’ve dreamed of this litter for years. At a time when the world is in chaos with covid-19, I decided that I needed something good to hang on to. Life has never been more uncertain, but here’s to faith, friends, and the future! All colours possible in this litter. Due Canada Day

UPDATE JUNE 30th - THEY’RE HERE!!! If you would like to be considered if a spot opens up, please send an email with a filled out application

Seven boys and one girl! Say HELLO to our Canadians! 

Boston - red tri male 
Avro - blue merle male 
Baffin - blue merle male 
Maple - red merle female 
Fritter - red tri male 
Rockie - blue merle male 
Makenzie - blue merle male 
Murdoch - red merle male 

IMG 0068

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