Keith x Caoimhe 

*UPDATE* They’re here! 

Like a Rolling Stone Daouphars x FlashDrive’s Pray for HeelingNRG Sometimes life takes you places you never would have imagined… That has been the theme for this whole year. This was supposed to be a late winter litter, but it has turned into early fall. I’m embracing the twists and turns of fate that brought me to PEI during hurricane Dorion! 


Waiting list is already started. I expect this litter to be highly biddable, have moderate drive, and a solid off-switch; these are going to be amazing dogs to live with.

Seven healthy boys arrived in the wee hours of November 7th. After being conceived during a hurricane and born during a snowstorm, these boys are definitely something the wind blew in! Without further ado, we welcome our Hurricanes! 

Ike (Ike) - black tri 
Ike went to live with one of Caoimhe’s brothers, Kai. 

IMG 8549

Sebastian (Boomer) - blue merle
Boomer went to live in the GTO with a master groomer/grooming instructor. He’s been a shop dog since day one! 

Lanny & Puppies 31Dec19 (13)

Gustav (Stryker) - blue merle 
Stryker lives with another of Caoimhe’s brother’s, Gryphon. His family have big plans for him in the coming months and years. Hopefully once this covid business is finished we can get him out in the show ring! 

Lorenzo (Cruiser) - blue merle 
Cruiser is staying here with me. I knew from the moment he was born that he wasn’t going anywhere… Love this very special boy. 


Klaus (Tucker) - black tri 
I am so thankful that Tucker is close by and I get to see him  - and his Mom - often! Tuck is training to be a scent dog, and there may just be some agility in his future. 

IMG 5601

Rafael (Kevlar) - black tri 

Kevlar is staying with me. He’s a total love who reminds me so much of his mother. 

IMG 8443 2

Gaston (Flash) - blue merle 
Flash is close by, training to be an agility dog! He is much loved by his family. 


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