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        I got myself a graduation present! 

        This girl is so much fun! She’s smart, easy going, but a great problem solver. I’m having a great time exploring life with a puppy again! 

        Caoimhe (pronounced Kee-Vuh) is quickly becoming my heart dog. She’s so much like my first red boy, Cuyler. She’s out of my Faith’s littermate, and by a male with similar breeding to Will. 

I seem to get a lot of photos like this the day after a PSD trial. She works so hard for me, not only while she’s working odour, but just all day trying to do everything I ask. As of June 23rd, 2019 we only need one Speed Q for our Novice title. This girl really is a rockstar; she is an absolute pleasure to live with, having one of the best off-switches I’ve ever seen in the breed. 

We did it!! We got our final Speed Q for our Novice Title! After over a year off of scent work I dusted off her harness and pulled her out for a trial. She had two practices on the odour box before going in the ring and she pulled it off! To say I was a proud momma was an understatement that day. 


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