Travelling with your dog 

Have dog, will travel! Here you’ll find tips and tricks to make travelling a breeze. 

In a vehicle, a crated dog is a safe dog. They’re safe in case of accident, and they aren’t a distraction for the driver. Start introducing the dog to the crate in the car on day 1 and it will never be a problem. If possible, try to have an extra crate that can be left in the car.

Have a To-Go bag packed. It’s much easier to pick up and go if you already have everything you need. Your dog will need:

  • water bowl
  • collar and leash
  • a meal or two (canned or freeze-dried are great options)
  • treats
  • a tie-out and harness
  • small first-aid kit
  • a chamois, in case your dog goes swimming. These are also good if it’s hot  out; you can wet them and use them as a cool coat
  • bottled water 
  • a copy of your dog’s vaccination records, and a few posters with your phone number and pictures of your dog (in case your dog were to get lost). I’ve found this works best all together in a binder or folder. 
  • a clean-up kit consisting of disinfectant wipes and a small garbage bag. 

If at all possible, try to travel in the off-peak hours, especially in the warm summer months.

If you’re planning on being away for a few days, pack an extra crate. Midwest (among other brands) makes wire crates that fold down suitcase-style, and there are also soft-sided crates. Not having to take the crate in and out of the car whenever you need to go somewhere will make a big difference in your willingness to take your dog places. It may not seem like a big deal at first, but it is. 

**Most hotels require dogs to stay in crates if no one is present in the room**


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