Frequently Asked Questions 

Where to begin? It seems like every other day I get asked some of the same questions again and again (and that’s okay), but I want to give people a place to search out their answers. And so we shall begin!


Do Aussies shed?

This is often the first question people ask, and it’s understandable; No one wants to spend their whole life cleaning house. The short answer to this question is, yes, they do. But there’s a lot that can be done to combat the invasion of dustbunnies coming to a couch near you!

Regular bathing and grooming will go a long way to keeping the hair down. If you choose to use a groomer, it’s a good idea to get references from an Aussie breeder. There are a lot of groomers out there who think the appropriate way to groom an aussie is to shave them down or cut off all their trimmings – and this is NOT the case. Shaving a double coated breed is dangerous to their health!

Raw feeding goes a long way to decreasing shedding. Healthy skin, shiny coat, pearly white teeth, and next to no doggy odour are some of the wonderful things we see with feeding raw. 

Persons who own more than one Aussie often invest in a high-velocity dryer and a professional line of shedding shampoos and conditioners. It’s money well spent to save your sanity, and your breeder can help you find something suitable to your needs. 

What about Minis and Toys?

I wrote about that here, but a quick recap is that the breeding of minis and toys is not responsible breeding. 


Someone told me I could get a purebred dog cheaper if I don’t want papers?

No. Not only is this practice not ethical, it’s not legal in Canada. “Purebred but no papers” is not purebred, and if a breeder is selling a purebred puppy to you without papers, or cheaper without papers, they are committing a felony. If you are purchasing a purebred dog, registration is included. 

Aren’t Aussies super busy and hyper? How do you manage that in the house?

Well-bred Aussies should have an off switch. Provided they get enough exercise and mental stimulation, they are quite happy to do whatever you’re doing. They will get you out of bed in the morning for that hour-long run, but they will also sleep-in with you on your day off or snuggle with you on the couch when you don’t feel well. They will keep you as busy as you need to be. 

Most behavioural issues in Aussies can be traced back to not enough exercise and not having a “job.” When people ask me for help with their (usually young and almost always male) Aussie, the first thing I ask them is when was the last class they took, and how much freedom does the dog have in the house? Once the dog understands it’s job and place in the world, and once they are getting the exercise -both mental and physical- that they need, their owners find themselves with a new dog! 

I’m not saying they don’t require exercise and training - they do!

So how much exercise is enough? 

 My litmus test is how easily they settle when I stop moving. If they sit, or lie down, or chew quietly on a bone then I know I’ve done my job right. If they try to pick at me or engage me in play then I know I need to head back outside and play some frisbee sometime soon. 

"Why can’t I pick my own puppy? The breeder down the road sells her puppies for less, and lets the owners choose as soon as they’re born.” 

 I understand this frustration, because we all want our perfect puppy of our dreams, but what matters more is that hte puppy is healthy and is the right fit for your life. If you are dead-set on a particular colour or look, you’re going to wait a while. 


  *I’ll admit, this page is going to change frequently as I add more questions and answers. For now, please bear with me*

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